Churner - visions from another world (part 3) - Paul Villinski, cv

A pilot of sailplanes, paragliders and single-engine airplanes, metaphors of flight and soaring often appear in his work. With a lifelong concern for environmental issues, his work frequently re-purposes discarded materials, effecting surprising and poetic transformations.

The story of the birth of Kamadeva has several variants in different Puranas . [13] In the version of Mahabharata , [14] a Prajapati named Dharma is born from the right breast of Brahma and begets three sons, Sama, Kama and Harsa. [15] In some versions Kamadeva arises from the mind of the creator god, Brahma , [16] yet in others he is the son of Sri . Kamadeva is sometimes portrayed as being at the service of Indra: [17] one of his names is "obedient to Indra". Kamadeva's consort Rati , whose very essence is desire, carries a discus and a lotus , and her arms are compared with lotus-stalks. [18]

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Churner - Visions From Another World (part 3)